Greenhouse Conversations – Aisha Saad AlAnezi

My name is Aisha Saad AlAnezi. I’m a digital marketing specialist and consultant. I’m also the founder of the Marketeers, a collective of creatives and specialists in the marketing field. We help business owners and personal brands establish the right marketing strategy to reach their goals. I got into the field of online marketing during my last two years of college. After graduation, I decided to work as a freelance marketeer. At first I started doing work for myself and a close circle of friends and acquaintances. Over time, people started to recognize my work through instagram and I got an offer to work with a marketing agency. I started out as a junior officer then got promoted to specialist in the span of two years. This had a positive impact on me and made me believe I could make it as a freelancer. So after two years, I left the agency to re-establish my own business.

Aisha AlAnezi: The fact that I majored in Business Management gave me the ability to not only focus on the aesthetic and creative aspect of a marketing campaign but also how it fits into the overall vision of a business. One of the main reasons I’m passionate about marketing is because it’s constantly changing and evolving. No matter how much you study the field there’s always something new to learn. This vastness gives room for creativity and self-expression, which is something I greatly encourage in our team. Each member of the Marketeers has her own unique style and personality that reflects in the work.

What sets the Marketeers apart is that self-development and growth is part of our work culture. Contrary to big marketing agencies, we don’t have specific working hours or a strict corporate hierarchy. This gives us space to do work on our own terms and put the time to develop new trends and strategies for our clients. The effectiveness of our approach shows in our numbers and the success of our clients . We have helped clients expand their business, buy their dream cars, reach the 20K to 100K followers they’ve been aiming for, and ensure a monthly income.

One of the challenges that marketeers face today is being up-to-date on all the different platforms and technologies that are reshaping the market. For example, Instagram might be introducing NFTs which are becoming huge globally. Tiktok is another platform that’s booming right now. Choosing the right platforms for your clients and understanding how to best use them can be a game changer for the businesses you’re promoting.