Greenhouse Conversations – Shabbar Kothari

My name is Shabbar Kothari – I’m an independent business consultant at Balance Business Advisory (BBA). We work with founders of young companies looking to raise capital to empower growth. We prepare materials and aid in business strategy before founders meet potential investors. Shabbar Kothari: While in business school, I dabbled in management, international business, and […]

Greenhouse Conversations – En.v

en.v is a culturally diverse and community driven NGO established in 2008. Their work focuses on connecting different social groups through training programs and events that foster compassion and unity in community. Elisa is the managing director at en.v and her colleague Layan is the programs manager and design lead.     Elisa: I kind […]

GreenhouseConversations – Hiba Abdulatif Alhouti

My name is Hiba Abdulatif Alhouti. I’m the owner of Tiny Tiara Jewelry. It’s a fashionable jewelry brand for girls from newborns all the way to teenagers. I’ve always had a passion for jewelry design. For years, I designed the bracelets and necklaces my daughters would wear and I enjoyed it immensely. Relatives and friends […]

Greenhouse conversations – Sleep by Sarah

My name is Sarah Haleem and I’m a certified sleep consultant. I graduated from Kuwait University with a mass communication degree and worked as a marketeer for 8 years. After that I decided to do a career shift and got into sleep training. I started Sleep by Sarah and I’ve been working as a sleep […]

Greenhouse Conversations – Aisha Saad AlAnezi

My name is Aisha Saad AlAnezi. I’m a digital marketing specialist and consultant. I’m also the founder of the Marketeers, a collective of creatives and specialists in the marketing field. We help business owners and personal brands establish the right marketing strategy to reach their goals. I got into the field of online marketing during […]

Greenhouse Conversations – Lamya Al-Saleem

My name is Lamya Al-Saleem. I am the founder of Lamya Social and the owner of Old School Planner. After graduating college with a finance degree I worked at an investment company in a risk management department. I left the company after 6 years not knowing what exactly I will be doing next. I just […]

Greenhouse Conversations – Kai Vetements

My name is Kai. I’m a fashion designer and the owner of Kai Vetements. “Kai” is my initials and “Vetements” means clothing or fashion in French. I love the name because my friends call me Kai and I feel like it represents me and really suits my brand. I recently started my second business, Arova, […]

Greenhouse Conversations – Yasir Arafat

Yasir Arafat is the co-founder of multiple businesses. He established the mobile app and software development company Global View EST in 2011. He later became co-founder & COO of Al Kuwaitia Al Watania air conditioning company and co-founder & CTO of the food and beverage company Vitrina in 2019. Yasir Arafat: I have always thought that […]

Greenhouse Conversations – Shighel

Abdullah Al Dhafeeri is the co-founder of, a platform that provides companies and business owners with all marketing services they need and connects them with freelance professionals like photographers, videographers, designers, and marketeers.   Abdullah Al Dhafeeri: I graduated from Oregon University with a business and financial management degree. I worked at a bank for about […]

Greenhouse Conversations – Staffi

Fahad Abulhasan is the co-founder of Staffii, a Human Resources software that provides administrative services for small and medium enterprises. He graduated college with an electrical engineering degree shortly before the Covid-19 lockdowns. Staffii is his stepping stone to the business world.   Fahad Abulhasan: During the lockdown, my friends and I didn’t have much to […]