GreenhouseConversations – Hiba Abdulatif Alhouti

My name is Hiba Abdulatif Alhouti. I’m the owner of Tiny Tiara Jewelry. It’s a fashionable jewelry brand for girls from newborns all the way to teenagers. I’ve always had a passion for jewelry design. For years, I designed the bracelets and necklaces my daughters would wear and I enjoyed it immensely. Relatives and friends would ask me where I got them from and I would tell them that I designed them myself. I realized that the designs stand out because in the gold market what you find is mostly traditional designs. I wanted something more playful and colorful. That’s how I started Tiny Tiara.

Hiba Abdulatif Alhouti; After I graduated from highschool I didn’t go to college. I worked at KNPC for a few years and then worked as a customer relations manager at a food company. Tiny Tiara is my first business project. I started in 2020 and now I have some bestseller designs that are constantly on demand. I work with 21 karat gold, stamped from the ministry of commerce and forged by a licensed workshop. I wanted the designs to be fun with pastel and rainbow colors that suit young girls.I also tried to create a collection big enough to satisfy different tastes.

I learned a lot in the past year. Having this kind of business means you have to deal with all kinds of people and that requires good customer service skills. I try my best to gain my customers for the long run even if it slightly affects my profit in the meantime.

We have plans to open our first store in Mubarakiya, Al Awathi Complex by the end of June. And we look forward to opening branches in KSA and UAE. I’ll also be doing a new line for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18, with simple designs for daily use. It will be something affordable but long lasting, something girls at that age can buy for themselves.

My biggest supporters are my kids, I have 1 boy and 5 girls who help me. The girls model for me and inspire my designs. My father stood by me as well. He helped me finance the project and he always offers me indispensable advice. And also appreciate my husband’s support and his trust that I’m doing something worthwhile with my time.